(11:59pm EST 03/30/2020) New, CMT “Friday is FOR DOCTORS” EDU. PLAYLIST Released

Editor-in-Chief, Michael Tetreault, Concierge Medicine Today

Dear Doctors,

You made it through another week of COVID-19 … among all the other illnesses and Patients you treat.

This is a difficult time, especially FOR DOCTORS. You’re sacrificing and giving us all so much of yourself. THANK YOU! You are our heroes. We all need you now more than ever. With that said … take a deep breath, another hectic week treating patients is done🙏. The important work you and your staff are doing will continue. We’ve been talking to Physicians, business owners and teachers all week and it feels for many, there is no end in sight. Thank you all so much for your hard work and sacrifice.

National Release: CMT Launches The “THANK A DOCTOR” Challenge #FORDOCTORS

We think you and your staff deserve a little break.

That’s why tonight at 11:59pm EST (SEE PLAYLIST BELOW), we’re launching the first Friday is FOR DOCTORS” educational playlist! Each week for the next few weeks, we’ll post new, exclusive interviews about a new topic FOR DOCTORS that you and your staff can enjoy, listen and learn from together … that will hopefully help your practice thrive during this challenging, frustrating, socially distant and awkward time. Tonight, we’re featuring FOUR DOCTORS, Dr. Uday Jani, Dr. Susan Wilder, Dr. Ellie Campbell and each of their unique perspectives on handling COVID-19, anxiety and stress as a Physician. We are also releasing the first half of our exclusive 4-part interview with Dr. Dana Corriel, CEO/Founder of SOMEDOCS. Dr. Corriel and I discuss the importance of clear and present Physician voices and a Doctors influence on Social Media, which is highly relevant for all Doctors in today’s culture.

Social Distancing Ideas … “Drive Up, Drop Off Masks FOR DOCTORS. They Need Them!”

So, throughout this weekend we encourage you to go for a walk (safely, of course), put your earbuds in or take a moment to sit down and turn up the volume.

We’re here For Doctors as you are doing so much FOR PATIENTS!

Most Sincerely,

Michael Tetreault
~Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today




P.S. Quote of the Week

“Enjoy the outdoors while physically distancing. Enjoy your family. Be safe and stay calm and healthy. Physical distancing is important, not social isolation and be careful even if you have no symptoms. Be wise, safe and healthy and make the community virus free.”
~ Dr. Uday Jani, Concierge Medicine Physician