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Refreshment Service Tips For Your Concierge Practice

  • Keep a fresh assortment of tea and coffee flavors — don’t limit your lobby coffee maker to one or two flavors.
  • Have one of your staff monitor the water tank twice a day (or more, in some cases) and fill the water tank with filtered or distilled water routinely.
  • Use throw-away, to-go cups with lids. Lids show that you’ve gone the extra mile to provide convenience for your patients — plus, it helps prevents spills around the office!
  • Don’t bring out the old coffee mugs from the break area.
  • We all know the health factors that go along with drinking soda. Because you’re trying to promote good health, only in rare circumstances, offer soda to your guests if they ask for them. Have them chilled inside a small refridgerator in your lobby or in the break room.
  • Have chilled, bottled water readily available for your patients.

SOURCE: Concierge Medicine Today, (C) 2012

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