Use Facebook “CHECK-IN” At Your Practice

ATLANTA, GA — Virtually every brand and business today has a Facebook Page. Unfortunately, medical practices are one of the last to adopt-a-page and jump into the social media-sphere. As most people are looking to fill idle time with smart phone usage, few medical practices have made their Facebook Business Page “local.” All that practices have to do to make their Page “local” is to add an address to their Facebook Page settings.

Once an address is added, Facebook users will be able to check-in by either tagging their location in a post or by navigating to your page and clicking “check-in.” Note that users must be within a certain radius before the “check-in” button will appear. tip; Make sure to change your Facebook Page “type” to “BRAND” or “LOCAL BUSINESS” in order to enable users to check-in. Otherwise, some Page types will not have an option to add an address.

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