TREND: iVillage Identifies Concierge Medicine As #1 Trend for 2013 Female Demographic

TRENDS,, DECEMBER 20, 2012 – iVillage, one of the largest online, content-driven community for women on the Internet today reaches 30 + million unique visitors per month (comScore) has identified Concierge Medicine as the number 1 trend coming to consumers in 2013. With over four million plus conversations annually and thousands of specific brands talked about weekly, iVillage is at the center of her digital routine and soon … concierge medicine may be a hot topic among this female demographic.

As more and more consumers become fed up with insurance companies’ co-pays, deductibles and having to choose ‘in-network’ providers, 2013 will see big growth in the field of concierge medicine. Boutique, or concierge medicine (also known as retain based or direct care) offers patients the opportunity to pay an annyual fee or retainer directly to their doctor, instead of relying only on insurance for coverage.

“The new affordability of concierge medicine is driving the middle class to it in droves,” says Matt Jacobson, CEO of Signature MD. “Over the last five years, it’s increased 500 percent and the trend promises to accelerate because of a looming doctor shortage, a graying population that will need more healt care, and the advent of Obamacare, in which 30 million previously uninsured Amercians will enter the healthcare system.”



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