Inside A Practice

The Absolute Best Time of Day For Doctors to “Tweet” and Get “Retweeted”

When sending a tweet out into the oblivion, you are actually sending it out only to those who have chosen in return to follow YOU. The benefit of having “Followers” means you are communicating with an audience who finds what you have to say interesting. If they find it really interesting, they will “RT” or “ReTweet” it to their “Followers.” And so the cycle can continue on and on. What’s the benefit? Maximum exposure for you and if you’ve done your marketing right, maximum exposure for your brand and a data collection center at your web site!

So, when is the best time to send out a tweet? Should you send it out during the day or night or both? There are plenty of reports and analysis out there as to when the best time to tweet is.. so you might find some of these tips useful when it comes to tweeting at the best possible time.

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