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Concierge and Private-Pay Doctors Can Accept Credit Cards with Phone Swipe, Square and PayPal Mobile

With one monthly price, SquareUp revolutionized credit card payments for concierge doctors and private medical practices in America. Square’s pricing is simple for businesses of all sizes. Choose to pay per swipe or per month. Know exactly what you pay.

With per-swipe pricing, all swiped transactions and Square Wallet payments cost 2.75%. Manually-entered transactions cost 3.5% + 15¢.

There are no limits to the amount that you can accept with per-swipe pricing. Our fees are taken out of each payment as they occur so there is no fee schedule. We do not require a contract upon signup or have any monthly minimums, so it doesn’t cost you anything if you don’t use it.

One Price per Month

With monthly pricing, businesses that process less than $250,000 per year can pay one low, monthly fee of $275 for all swiped and Square Wallet payments less than or equal to $400. Manually-entered transactions cost 3.5% + 15¢ in addition to the monthly fee of $275. Your monthly fee includes swiped transactions and Square Wallet payments less than or equal to $400 up to $250,000 per year at an annualized monthly limit of $21,000. If your swiped and Square Wallet transaction volume exceeds $21,000 per month, you are charged Square’s standard per-swipe fees for all subsequent transactions in the same month.

There are no activation, annual, gateway, chargeback or cash transaction fees with Square. Visit this article to view a table of Square’s simple pricing structures.

Phone Swipe

Phone Swipe is a mobile payment processing solution that was made specifically with you and your business in mind. Powered by North American Bancard, Phone Swipe offers your customers an expanded range of payment options and allows you to conduct credit card transactions anytime and anywhere. North American Bancard’s dedicated research and development team has built a best-in-class product in mobile credit card processing – one that responds to your desire for an easy, secure, and cost-effective way to process credit card transactions wherever your business may take you. With easy setup, superior functionality, and 24/7 support, Phone Swipe is a convenient solution built just for you.

Phone Swipe is a free app and free credit card reader that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a mobile point-of-sale terminal. Their mobile credit card processing solution empowers your doctors to accept credit cards on-the-go at a patients home, an executives office or even at your practice with your mobile phone. You’ll be able to increase revenue, expand your customer base, and increase market reach.

With features like email receipts with Google Maps™, customizable inventory management, real-time reporting, and 24/7 support, Phone Swipe is the solution for your growing business.


There are plenty of options out there. So why Phone Swipe? Because they offer features and benefits the other processors can’t.

Swiped Rates 2.69% 2.75% + $0.30
Keyed Rates 3.49% + $0.19 3.50% + $0.30
Credit Card Reader Free $180+
Monthly Fee None $25+
Monthly Minimum None $35+
Cancellation Fee None Starting at $295+
Merchant Account Unique, individual, secure account May offer only one account shared by thousands of merchants
Merchant Services Provider North American Bancard May not have backing from a provider
Customer Service and Support 24/7, online, live (toll-free number) May only be online

The main downside to this product is that it is currently available only in the U.S.

PayPal: Accept credit cards wherever you do business.

Get everything you need to accept credit cards from your customers. Online sales, invoicing, in-person payments … this solution securely handles them all.

  • Your customers don’t even need a PayPal account
  • Easy setup, no programming skills required
  • No setup or monthly charges (See Pricing)

PayPal Heretm is a simple way to accept credit and debit cards, PayPal and even checks—anywhere you do business. Unlike other mobile payment solutions, PayPal Here comes with an encrypted card reader and is backed by PayPal’s world-class security, risk and fraud-management systems.

When the order is complete, the money usually shows up in your PayPal account in a few minutes. From there, transfer it to your bank account, spend it wherever PayPal is accepted or use your PayPal Debit Card1 at the ATM or in stores. You’ll earn 1% cash back when you sign for purchases.

1 You can apply for the PayPal Debit Card MasterCard® Business Card after your PayPal account has been in good standing for 60 days.

Keep your costs down.

Like most credit card processors, we charge a fixed percentage and a transaction fee on every sale. What makes PayPal different is that there are no extra fees for setup, statements, withdrawals or cancellation. Those hidden fees can really add up.

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