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Survey: How many hours in a typical day will a “Concierge” physician work?

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief

JANUARY 13, 2013 — According to a survey of concierge physicians across the U.S. from December 2009 thru December 2012 by Concierge Medicine Today’s research and data collection arm, The Concierge Medicine Research Collective, we’ve learned that concierge, private/boutique medical physicians will typically work less than traditional, insurance-based/managed care doctors each day — yet obtain higher patient satisfaction levels than traditional, insurance-based/managed care doctors. The results of the survey are as follows:

Hours Worked In A Typical Day As A “Concierge” Physician:
Source:, 2009-2012

  • 4% — 12-14 hours per day —  (Avg. 60-70 hrs/week)
  • 6% — 11-12 hour per day — (Avg. 55-60 hrs/week)
  • 52% — 8-10 hours per day — (Avg. 40-50 hrs/week)
  • 29% — 5-8 hours per day —  (Avg. 25-40 hrs/week)
  • 10% — 1-4 hours per day — (Avg. 5-20 hrs/week)

According to So you may ask, what is a typical day in a physician’s life? Often for salary, doctors are working anywhere from 40 to 70 hours each week. A recent study revealed the average physician works about 65 hours per week. While this will be very different for most, I can tell you what the average day is in primary care. A typical day for most physicians may not end before 10 to 12 hours of work — not to mention many offices are open Saturdays as well. (Source: Richmond County Medical Society,

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