SURVEY: In 2013, how many physicians are considering concierge medicine?

Nearly 7 percent of physicians nationwide are considering moving to direct pay or concierge medicine in one to three years, according to a recent survey conducted by Merritt Hawkins.

The survey received responses from 13,575 physicians across the nation. It revealed that 6.8 percent of all physicians are considering concierge medicine.

The following is a breakdown of how many physicians are considering concierge medicine, by type and states selected by Merritt Hawkins:


Primary care: 7.7 percent
Male: 7.1 percent
Female: 6.4 percent
Specialists: 6.4 percent
Employed physicians: 4.5 percent

Select states

Texas: 10.6 percent
Florida: 9.1 percent
New York: 8 percent
California: 6.7 percent
North Carolina: 5.6 percent
Illinois: 5.3 percent
Washington State: 4.8 percent
Pennsylvania: 4.5 percent

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