Trending: Use of Social and Mobile In Healthcare

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on digital gadgets and on-the-go information, health communication is beginning to move in a similar direction. For MDVIP members, the future of healthcare technology starts now – with continuously developing tools like a personalized member portal, MDVIP Connect, protected and reliable communication is never more than a click away. Using advanced, industry-leading features and technologies, MDVIP constantly strives to innovate and bring the most convenient solutions to its members.

Both patients and doctors are more tech-savvy than ever before and beginning to turn to mobile browsing and social media to connect with one another. A study by DC Interactive Group and Demi & Cooper Advertising reveals that one out of two adults uses their smartphone to research health topics, while 60% of physicians believe maintaining a social media presence leads to better care quality. Over 50% of seniors express interest in using the Internet to talk with their doctors and keep track of health information.

In a recent article on, Ryan Greysen; an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco; says he thinks it will only take a few years until online healthcare technology is secure and readily available to consumers. However, MDVIP’s suite of services makes it possible for members to take advantage of 2015’s technology today. “Secured patient portals are a great way to leverage mobile technology to promote healthy behavior,” commented Greysen. MDVIP Connect is compatible with desktop and mobile devices and offers a variety of tools and features to make getting and staying healthy simple, convenient and rewarding. Additionally, with a number of MDVIP-affiliated physicians active on major social media channels, members are able to connect with their doctors in a comfortable, familiar capacity.

Greysen expresses that doctors must take caution when communicating with patients via social media – as an open, public forum; doctor-patient confidentiality must be carefully guarded in accordance with HIPAA regulations. MDVIP-affiliated doctors who use social channels deeply understand and respect the importance of patient privacy and use the networks to answer general questions, share tips for healthy living or simply keep in touch. When more sensitive health questions arise, members can always turn to MDVIP Connect’s secure messaging tool to get a rapid response from their doctor in a safe, private environment. By eliminating privacy concerns and traditional healthcare’s long communication processes, MDVIP leverages technology in a way that empowers you to proactively manage your health and communicate with your doctor, your way – leaving you time and energy to focus on the things that enhance and improve your life.

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