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Survey gauges doctor interest in concierge medicine

JANUARY 28, 2013 — Physician recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins surveyed thousands of doctors about their plans to enter concierge medicine, finding that about 6.8% of all physicians expect to be part of concierge practices in one to three years.

Other breakdowns of the 13,575 doctors surveyed who said they would be part of concierge medicine were: 6.4% of female doctors; 7.1% of male doctors; 7.7% of primary care doctors; 9.6% of practice owners; 6.4% of specialists; and 4.5% of employed physicians.

A concierge practice is one in which a physician treats a limited number of patients who pay an annual fee for a specified course of services. Generally, such a practice does not accept insurance.The survey was conducted for The Physicians Foundation, a nonprofit funded by health plans as part of the settlement of a class-action lawsuit doctors brought against private insurers. The foundation funds research and initiatives aimed at helping doctors.

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