Emails Your Patients Love to Receive

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief 

FEBRUARY 27, 2013 — Most people in today’s tech-age start out their day with a cup of coffee, tea or vitamin shake and proceed to check our email inbox. Emails are read, at time, forwarded to friends, filed away for safekeeping, or deleted. More frequently, these exchanges are completed from our mobile phone or tablet. Yet, when it’s time to assume the role of “Sender,” even the most accomplished concierge or direct care physician can be left wondering, “What do my patients need and why do they want to hear from me?”

Well, I’ve put together two email ideas that are sure to be a hit with your “membership” patients and followers on social media with what I like to call … ‘the know, like and trust factor:’

Educational Newsletters

When it comes to building your concierge medicine patient-base thru email, it has everything to do with two things – content and relationship. It’s been said that while content is king, relationship is queen. When you have something good to say to patients you need to say it well and say it often. That’s branding 101. But patients are looking for something different from their concierge doctor. They will appreciate receiving information on your practice, educational articles, facts and stats, local health stories your patients might not be aware of, new recipes, events, charity involvement news or even births and other special announcements. eNewsletters are also an excellent forum to show your patients appreciation by featuring them specifically (with their permission of course) and by sharing their own testimonials. Having a patient of the month, or presenting the winner of a contest or promotion you’ve run is another idea we’ve seen physicians use. If you aren’t on the receiving end of any newsletters yourself – seek some of your own out from other concierge physicians at, search for physicians using our DOC FINDER and subscribe to your colleagues enewsletters. Seeing what others are doing around the country is a great opportunity to get ideas and help you and your staff find more inspiration that you will know what to do with to help make your practice unique and relevant.

Bonus Tip! If you are not currently building a list of two email databases, one for current patients and the other for prospective patients, I’d strongly encourage you to do so. You have prospective patients everyday who are most likely visiting your web site Homepage and clicking around. Wouldn’t it be great it you captured the email address of those ‘low-hanging prospective patients’ and started communicating with them your content or enewsletter? Interested in more helpful business tips, web site design help from successful healthcare entrepreneurs, check out our INNOVATORS PANEL or visit

Special promotions, sales, & discounts

Approximately 67% of US internet users say the motivation behind giving their email address to a company is to receive discounts and promotions. These types of offers in the form of an email are well-received for the same reason that coupon websites thrive in a down economy. People love to save money and feel as though they’re receiving the best deal possible. Exclusive promotions and limited-time offers that are aimed toward your email subscribers will make them feel valued and keep them on the lookout for opportunities to save on, and consequently purchase, items from your practice.

Interested in more helpful business tips, web site design help from successful healthcare entrepreneurs, check out our INNOVATORS PANEL or visit or

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