Healthcare Revamped: Concierge Medical Practice Better Than Health Insurance?

Changing the norms of minimal health care and maximum inconvenience attached to regular clinics, Dr. Bruce Feldman explains the wonders that a concierge doctor can do for your health when compared with regular medical practices — with or without health insurance. The doctor discusses this in a statement released on his website this Monday.

Melville, NY (PRWEB) March 16, 2013

Concierge medical practice isn’t something alien in the social circles of the United States. In a country where people are just too busy to take time out of their schedules even for a doctor’s appointment, a concierge doctor can surely do wonders. In a system where the cry of an “appointment” brings dreadful waiting lines to mind, concierge medicine practice allows individuals to have their own doctors, just a call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Dr. Bruce Feldman, a renowned concierge doctor, explains this practice in detail, in a statement released on his website, after numerous requests by website visitors asking specifically about this genre of medicine.

The orthodox American way of healthcare is frowned upon by the general public repeatedly – just look at the growing Emergency Room usage. Lengthy waiting lines and busy schedules of regular doctors never really allow the establishment of a personal bond between a doctor and a patient, an essential in the “care” factor of medical practice. A caring doctor is one who really knows what is going on with his patient and keeps an eye on his general health status. This is exactly the reason why concierge medical practice is gaining so much popularity, explains Dr. Bruce Feldman.

Dr. Bruce Feldman states that if the standard medical practice is so successful in managing and preventing various medical conditions, why do 36% of the heart attacks occur in people that have already had one? This fact really blasts away the claims of “care” in typical practices. If doctors were to really cater to the health needs of their patients, statistics and figures would be significantly different. Also, if a patient suffers with a problem, he has to make an appointment, wait in the waiting rooms, and then explain to the doctor what’s wrong, even when the problem is seemingly trivial, assuming of course, you actually see your doctor. These are some of the biggest flaws that exist in medical practice today. On the other hand, a concierge doctor can literally save your life. Caring about you at every step of your life, the doctor will respond to every call or even an email, potentially eliminating the need for a office visit altogether. This really saves immense amount of time and energy.

Dr. Feldman goes on to state that a concierge physician has all the expertise required in the field, in addition to utilizing state of the art technology, which enables him to serve as a “personal” doctor for people, always at the ready in case the patient needs medical assistance.

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About Dr. Bruce Feldman
Dr. Bruce Feldman is a renowned concierge doctor offering his own brand of personalized medicine , with over 20 years of experience medicine. He is a Board-Certified internist and aims at establishing personal relationships with his patients, even answering his own phone. He has committed his time and energy to the personal healthcare of his patients, providing each the individualized treatment they need. He takes pride in having established himself as one the leading names in the concierge medical practice arena in the country.

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