AAFP: Primary Care Has Fundamental Role in Emerging Payment Models Says Health Care Policy, Payment Expert

By James Arvantes — Robert Berenson, M.D., is an Institute Fellow at the Urban Institute and an expert in Medicare and health care policy. He served as the head of Medicare payment policy for the agency now known as CMS in the late 1990s and as an assistant director of the White House domestic policy staff in the Carter administration. More recently, he was vice chair of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.

Berenson is a board certified internist who spent 20 years in practice, the last 12 in a group practice in the District of Columbia. He organized and managed a successful preferred provider organization in the Washington metropolitan area and is the co-author of two books and numerous articles on health care policy.

AAFP News Now recently sat down with Berenson to ask him about payment reform, the emergence of new payment models for health care, and the role played by primary care and family medicine in an evolving health care system.


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