Doctor wants to serve community like dad did, “Concierge-Style”

By Daina Saleh For The Sun March 28, 2013 | Dr. Matthew Carducci provides a concierge-style family doctor’s practice, With Patience for Patients. Opening Jan. 2 at 1888 Bay Scott Circle, this one-doctor practice looks to offer more individualized care to its patients.

“Your general practice will usually have 2,500 to 3,500 patients on their panel,” Carducci says. “A concierge practice typically focuses on 300 to 600 patients only, all seen by the physician.”

Little or no wait-time, longer physician appointments and same or next-day appointments are a few of the concierge-style advantages.

“In 2008 I gave up OB after 18 years. I was also assisting in surgery. But I was spreading myself thin at that point,” explains Carducci about how he realized that he preferred giving dedicated quality care to his patients.

Carducci is re-introducing how his father, Dr. Donald Carducci, first practiced when he opened his office on 107 W. Jefferson Ave. in 1956. In 1985, the young Carducci joined his father’s practice, later switched, and then joined MDVIP from 2008 to 2010.

Joining MDVIP, a doctor affiliate program with annual membership fees for patients, was the first step in that direction, but not quite the concierge feeling Carducci was seeking.

“If you had the chance to start over the whole system, what would you make it like. That’s what I want to offer,” he adds.

Patience for Patients offers the concierge service at an annual membership fee of $1,500 per adult, which includes a comprehensive annual wellness exam next to personalized general visits.

“I want my patients to have access to their physician,” Carducci adds.

One patient says the model works.

“My dad’s been coming to Dr. Carducci for 20 years, and my mom too. I actually was a patient of his father, Dr. Donald Carducci,” says Leslie Jones as she escorts her mother, Myrtle Hicks, from her appointment at the practice. “He is just wonderful, just wonderful.”

She says the fact that Matthew Carducci took an extra 20 minutes explaining her mother’s medical needs made it even better.

Yogurt Beach

With spring around the corner, Yogurt Beach opened Feb. 24. It’s sure to hit the spot. This frozen yogurt shop at 3027 English Rows, suite 115, owned by Debbie and Tom Kliegl, is close to commuters, south Naperville customers and a growing residential community in the area.

This self-serve frozen yogurt joint offers a fun beach-themed ambience transporting its customers to warmer places. Each surfboard table is handmade and designed by an artist in Florida.

“We offer 16 frozen yogurt choices on eight machines, two frozen custards and two frozen sorbets,” owner Debbie Kliegl says. “At only 39 cents an ounce, we are very competitively priced.”

“Our cold island holds fruit and other toppings,” Kliegl adds.

With more than 30 toppings, seasonal fresh fruit and popular sauces, every sweet tooth will be satisfied.

Bottled cream soda, root beer and orange crush sold out of a cooler by the cashier will throw customers back a few decades. Coffee, shakes, floaters and water are also available.

“Our Yogurt Beach team is happy to assist customers with sampling and to serve their cups to the table,” says Kliegl of her friendly staff.

Service will extend outdoors once the temperatures allow.

“The palm tree alcove is very popular for sports teams,” adds Kliegl of a nook especially suitable for larger groups.

Kiegl, a longtime Naperville resident and mother of school-aged children, strongly supports local schools, churches, clubs and the community with fundraising opportunities and special gift card offers.

Lijiao Asian Bistro closed

Only briefly opened, Lijiao Asian Bistro and Noodle seems to have closed for good at 3416 Route 59. The restaurant never got around to hanging a proper sign.

Only months ago, the restaurant still offered a special deal on Groupon, soon after the location looked deserted. Groupon customers who found themselves with unusable groupons were initially told that the restaurant was only remodeling. In February customers posted that they had finally been reimbursed by Groupon.

In an email inquiry, Nick Halliwell, Groupon public relations in Chicago, supplied the following information: “While most of our customers were able to successfully redeem their Groupons, those that weren’t are eligible to get their money back. We proactively reached out to these customers to inform them how they could get a refund.”




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