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By CHOICE.MD | MARCH 8, 2013 | What type of cardiologist can and should offer the Concierge Program?
Generally, non-invasive cardiologists have a significant portion of their patients who look at them as their “core physician,” the physician who they rely on and turn to – the director of their health care. Cardiologists with patients who have been seeing them repeatedly over a course of years are most successful in Concierge Programs.
Since referrals from primary care physicians are generally important, the program does not take patients that were referred to you for specific short-term or episodic care. Patients who join this program see the physician for ongoing care. A number of cardiologists tell us that they provide this kind of care for their patients. We know how to help you get compensated for this extra service.
Some Cardiologists have designed and implemented HEART HEALTH PROGRAMS that can be an important part of your Concierge Program as well.
The Economics
The medical services provided and covered by the cost of a membership fee are not covered by Medicare and most other insuranc
e plans. As a result, the patient population must include patients who are economically capable of paying a fee of $1800 to $3000 or more a year to participate. Only the annual visit, which we refer to as a comprehensive physical exam (“CPE”)” is covered under the membership to your program.
Follow up visits are covered as before, under the patient’s insurance plan or government programs. You define the elements that are included in the “CPE” with our consultation and guidance. It often includes lifestyle coaching, discussions of nutrition
and general medical history reviews.
What makes this program so appealing to cardiologists? The economics of cardiology have been changing and will continue to change. The general direction is toward reduction of the revenue associated with testing and procedures. Offering a hybrid
program where 10% or less of your patients join the program will allow you to continue to be true to your specialt
y and commitment to your patients while maintaining and enhancing your revenue stream.
The program is:
  • Compatible with plans and insurers
  • Continues good relationships with our referring physicians
  • Enhances the stream of new patients into your practice
  • Increases your per hour revenue
  • Requires no investment or risk
  • Defined by your individual needs and interests
  • Designed to maintain the important relationships within a group
  • Custom tailored to your style

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