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Technology: DoctorPage Launches First-ever Healthcare Concierge Service in Singapore

SINGAPORE, March 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Booking an appointment with your doctor and dentist is now made even more convenient with the launch of a free healthcare concierge service by Singapore’s largest healthcare portal, DoctorPage ( First in Singapore, DoctorPage now offers a dedicated, extended-hours hotline users can call to book medical appointments; this service is in addition to its website and mobile app.

With the introduction of the Healthcare Concierge Service, users now have an additional option when connecting with their doctors and dentists. To utilize this service, users simply dial the concierge hotline at +65-8670-6733 and a customer service professional takes care of the rest. This concierge service is entirely free for users.

Extensive research and analysis of user behavior by the DoctorPage team revealed a category of users who preferred to make medical appointments over the phone. Offering a dedicated appointment booking hotline would allow DoctorPage to capture this particular group of users and improve their access to healthcare professionals. Those calling in to enquire on clinic practices can also utilize this value-added service to smoothen their appointment booking process.

“We are constantly looking at expanding our offerings and improving the user experience,” said Dr. Dawn Soo, CIO at DoctorPage. “We highly value feedback from our users and doctors and are excited to be the first inSingapore to launch a healthcare concierge service.”

DoctorPage’s focus on improving user experience has been paying off – barely six months after its launch, DoctorPage has been ranked as the top healthcare portal in Singapore. The platform also boasts the largest database of users and healthcare professionals in Singapore, listing more than 12,500 doctors and dentists, and seeing 300,000 users connect with DoctorPage’s panel physicians each month.

With the launch of Singapore’s first healthcare concierge service, DoctorPage looks set to extend its reach locally, strengthening its market leader position in Singapore.


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