APRIL 20 2013: Steps To A Successful Transition, Webinar Access

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief

APRIL 12, 2013 | Direct Care Consulting developed by Scott Borden in Kansas has developed an innovative transition service for physicians considering moving their practice from an insurance and managed care based practice to a direct care business model. By integrating a detailed business and marketing plan with a health insurance education component that focuses on Health Savings Accounts, significantly more middle-income patients are able to participate in a doctors new practice.

“Everyone wants physician access,” says Scott. “HSAs make Direct Primary Care affordable for almost everyone.”

Borden recently discussed how important HSAs are to direct primary care is on a recent talk radio show in Kansas. Listen to his recent radio interview here…

Coming later this month, Direct Care Consulting will be hosting a physician seminar / webinar Saturday April 20th 9:00 am CDT outlining the steps to a successful transition. RSVP at:

What you can expect to learn in this webinar on April 20, 2013:

  • What options are available based on your goals
  • What challenges and pitfalls you need to be aware of
  • The Key points you need to know about how to create a business plan
  • What outside services you might need for your DCP (Direct Care Practice)
  • Pricing models and how they will affect who participates and your revenue
  • How a DCP reduces your headaches and your costs
  • How important patient education is and how can you do that
  • Marketing and communicating your DCP to existing and potential patients
  • How your patients can utilize their Health Savings Accounts
  • What insurance should your patients be using
  • Available tools to add value to your patients
  • What services can Direct Care Consulting offer

The For more information visit: or

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