October 25, 2020

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WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US: Honest Reviews From Doctors and Readers

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What Are Doctors Saying About Us?

“Concierge medicine today articles has been answering a lot of my questions.  Your book was very helpful and even led me to a webinar which was great.  And even though this whole business aspect of medicine is a little overwhelming, your resources have been keeping me sane and actually excited about what my future in medicine may be. Thanks for what you and your staff do. Continue the good work!”

Best wishes,
Family Physician
Paramus, New Jersey

“I’ve been reading Concierge Medicine Today for several months now and I have to tell you, I love it! It’s great information and it’s so well written. You have lots of information and great resources for those of us learning about the concierge medicine world.”

New York, NY
Internal Medicine and Family Healthcare Group Practice

“Michael, your site is really crushing it. By far the most informative site I’ve found in the entire industry!”

Internal Medical Practice Physician | Staff

“I see that you [ConciergeMedicineToday.com] are one of the good guys in the fight for Freedom in Medicine.”

concierge doctor reviews

New Jersey
Internal Medicine Physician

“CMT attracts an educated audience en masse that is only interested in the services we provide as concierge or boutique doctors. For that alone, I’m grateful!”

New Jersey
Primary Care Physician

“Kudos to you for the fantastic response time and sending me a new patient through your Directory!”

New York
Family and Internal Medicine Clinic

The quality and relevance of information in your [publication] are amazing! Thank you!”

Family Medicine Physician

“We have all six of our locations in New York metro area practicing direct pay primary care listed on your site! Thank you for this great place.”

New York
Family and Internal Medicine Clinic

“I appreciate all of the work that Concierge Medicine Today is doing to accelerate the growth and visibility of this type of medicine. We look forward to working with you more in the future…”

Group Family & Internal Medicine Center
Chief Operating Officer

“To me, they [CMT] did the hard part…No one else does what they do…they know their stuff…they’re fact-checking, fact-finding, resourceful writers and journalists…they find and compile data about my industry and create educational articles that no one else has that my prospective patients actually want to read and I find come and talk to me about quite often.”

Family Medicine Physician

‘A quick note to say hello as well as thank you! Your proud {MONTH} 2013 Featured Physician. It has been a busy first quarter for us.”

Internal Medicine Physician

What Are C.M.T. Readers Saying About Us?

“I have been following your writing and enjoying your website content for years.”

Healthcare Consultant

“I really appreciate your passion and integrity for this industry.”

Consultant | Medical Practice

“My mail box is overflowing with great information from Concierge Medicine News. You’re so incredibly relevant and educational!”

Internal Medicine Physician

“Concierge Medicine Today helps educate me, my staff and my patients. This new practice has been truly liberating. I am working harder than ever getting it of the ground but my time with patients is wonderful. And I get to be creative again in how I develop the practice, something that was lost from my previous office. Thank you for doing such a great job!”

Internal Medicine Physician

“I love being an old school concierge doc and look forward to helping move this to the forefront of medicine and ultimately improve the health of all Americans! Keep up the great work CMT.”

New York
Internal Medicine Physician

“I am a board certified internist with my own concierge practice in Towson, Maryland. I enjoyed reading the article about concierge medicine being here to stay.”

Internal Medicine Physician

“I have been following your excellent coverage of concierge/DPC industries. Wonderful work and your expertise and relevance is so incredibly helpful.”

Internal Medicine Physician and Staff

“I simply cannot find a better educational resource that specifically targets this industry. The information is relevant and incredibly helpful for anyone searching for concierge medicine.”

ConciergeMD Twitter Feed

“Wow! I applaud your [CMTs] determination to find out what is really being said about these practices…and the information arising is actually positive, despite what the media is telling us everywhere else.”

ConciergeMD Twitter Feed

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