RECOMMENDATIONS for Selecting a Pediatrician

There is a nationwide movement, especially among primary care physicians, to structure their practices to serve a limited number of patients so they can provide highly individualized additional services.  Some of the terms used are “membership medicine,” “direct care medicine” and “concierge medicine.” Arrangements for care at these practices vary, so check with the individual doctor to see what is provided for the membership fee.

In the end, your decision will most likely be made on how you feel about a particular pediatrician…

Written by healthymagazine on April 19, 2013. Posted in Kids

One of the most important decisions you will make as a parent is who will be your child’s pediatrician. She is the one who will be there to help you care for your ill child, promote wellness and advise on prevention, safety issues and the many parenting concerns/issues that come with the ever-changing stages from newborn to young adult.

A pediatrician is a physician who has completed medical school and a three-year pediatrics residency. They are specially trained in caring for infants, children, teenagers and young adults. A pediatrician who is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics after 1988 must pass a stringent exam every 10 years. In addition to keeping up with the latest advances in pediatric care, she must participate in projects to improve her practice. To verify that a pediatrician is board certified, check the American Board of Pediatrics website at abp.org.


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