GEORGIA: Doctors make concierge medicine “LOCAL”

Dr. Jameelah Gater, left, and Dr. Eddie Richardson, right, owners of Lake Oconee Urgent and Specialty Care, will offer “concierge’ medicine to their patients this summer.May 2, 2013 – Concierge Medicine centers around three principles – time, communication and relationships.It gives physicians the chance to spend additional time and provide an increased level of care. Patients can receive such benefits as 24/7 access to their physician, same day-next day appointments, house calls when appropriate, and in-depth physicals with enhanced personalized wellness plans.

Richardson and Gater plan to limit the number of member patients so they will be able to spend more time with the entire family.

The concierge medicine will accept insurance and Medicare, according to Julie Robinson, with Cypress, a firm working with the practice. “New members pay an annual fee while their insurance remains the same as it was,” Robinson said in an email.

Richardson has a specialty in geriatrics to help the aging population and Gater specializes in integrative medicine, helping patients with both conventional and evidence-based alternative medical therapies.

Cypress, a Louisiana-based healthcare consulting company that specializes in concierge medicine, will assist with the practice transition.

“Patients in the area are going to love being part of a practice with no more wait times, longer appointments, and a family atmosphere that is a return to medicine in days of old.” said Cypress CEO Richard Doughty.

More than 200 people attended town hall meetings recently to learn more about a new medical practice opening this summer.

Dr. Eddie Richardson and Dr. Jameelah Gater, physician-owners of Lake Oconee Urgent and Specialty Care, hosted the event which highlighted their new concierge medical practice.

“Concierge medicine allows us to provide highly personalized healthcare and spend significantly more time with patients,” Gater said.

“It will allow us to focus on health and wellness rather than problem-focused, disease-based medicine.

“Best of all, it allows patients access to the physician via telephone, e-mail, or text and the reassurance that whatever the medical concern, we’re here to immediately address it,” she said.


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