NEW YORK: Concierge Medicine: More Than Just a TV Show

Executive VIP Medical Care brings concierge medicine to the Twin Forks with registered nurse Kelly DeSesa, concierge manager Christine Livingston, Dr. Louis Maldonado, Dr. Anthonette Desire, Dr. Nathanael Desire and concierge manager Elaine Gastaldo.

By Kathryn G. Menu

MAY 3, 2013 – Since 2009, the concept of concierge medicine in the Hamptons is most closely associated with the USA Network television show, “Royal Pains,” featuring a doctor who attends to the wealthy and glamorous, often on sprawling estates overlooking the ocean.

But concierge medicine is not just a fantasy on the East End, with at least one company – Executive VIP Medical Care – aimed at providing the personal level of medical services in the homes and offices of clients interested in the old fashioned house call.


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