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Annual Analysis of Average Patient Wait Times Finds We’re Waiting Longer

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  1. Wait times are not only seen in the ER but now even in doctor’s offices. Canada had the highest percentage of patients (36%) who had to wait six days or more for an appointment with a doctor, but the United States had the second highest percentage (23%) who reported that they had to wait at least this long. New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and the U.K. all had substantially smaller numbers of people reporting waits of 6 days or longer. Canada and the United States, in that order, also had the lowest percentage of persons who said they could get an appointment with a doctor the same or next day.

    The United States had the largest percentage of persons (61%) who said that getting care on nights, weekends, or holidays, without going to the emergency room, was “very” or “somewhat” difficult. In Canada, it was 54%, and in the U.K, 38%. Germany did the best, with only 22% saying that it was difficult to get after-hours care. So as it stands the USA will become #1 across the globe, unfortunately it will be for all the wrong stats ! Wait until another 50 million, or more like 75-100 million really being the number of uninsured individuals coming into the Obama Care system, are looking for services.

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