Louisville, KY Doctor practices ‘concierge medicine’ — does well as a deadline approaches for the national Affordable Care Act

By Beth Potter

MAY 24, 2013 – Folks above a set income level who don’t have health insurance will be required to buy it or face penalties under the Affordable Care Act, which was approved by Congress in 2010. They’ll be able to buy health insurance from a state health exchange that is scheduled to start working on Oct. 1. They’ll receive monthly subsidies from the government as incentives in the first few years of the program.

Dr. Eric Mondrow has created a practice intended to insulate patients from some of the external pressures that come from insurance requirements, although most of his patients at Flatiron Premier Medicine have insurance, he said. “Concierge” medicine is a term most commonly used to describe a practice where doctors have more time for their patients.

Insurance might not be the overriding factor driving growth in his practice as much as patients feeling like they want to practice preventive health, Mondrow said. He compares concierge medicine fees to cable TV costs.

Mondrow said he sees about seven patients per day, whereas a typical primary-care doctor might see at least 20 patients per day.

“It’s really within reach for most people who find it to be a priority,” Mondrow said of the style of medicine he practices.

Mondrow said he also has a number of patients that he sees for free who wouldn’t be able to afford the fees. The practice has seen steady growth since 2009 when it opened, he said.

While he’s not sure how the Affordable Care Act might affect his business, Mondrow is relaxed about any possible changes.

“I transitioned to this in 2009 when things were at their worst,” Mondrow said.

Source: Boulder County Business Report

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