DOWNLOAD: What You Need to Know About High Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts

By Roy Ramthun
MAY 16, 2013 – This guide is intended to help individuals and families better understand Health Savings Accounts, how the health plans that make people eligible for Health Savings Accounts compare to traditional health insurance, and how to determine whether a Health Savings Account is right for you or your family. A worksheet is included to help you compare the financial features of the Health Savings Account to a traditional policy. In addition, a detailed comparison of a traditional PPO policy and an HSA plan prepared by the Washington Post is re-printed in it also.
The guide examines the finer details of HSA accounts and the health insurance policies that accompany them. In each section, a “Buyer’s Guide” provides advice, reminders, and things to consider when examining a Health Savings Account. The “Buyer’s Guide” is intended to provide additional insight into the finer details of Health Savings Accounts and how they work.
Additional help is provided through answers to frequently asked questions, definitions of terms that are commonly used with Health Savings Accounts, and a description of additional resources available through the Internet.
Every attempt will be made to keep this guide current with any changes in the laws, regulations or operational details of HSAs.
In addition, the section “Frequently Asked Questions” will be updated as additional clarification is needed and further questions arise.




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