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New Benefit Plan from PinnacleCare Guides Members through the Medical Maze , Connecting Patients with World’ s Top Physicians in Times of Need

BALTIMORE, Md., April 16, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — When diagnosed with a serious illness, patients and their families often need to make difficult and complex treatment decisions.  They fear the implications of waiting and feel compelled to act quickly – often leading them to make hasty decisions without knowing their options.  Now, a new benefit called PinnacleCare Connection is available through employers and large organizations.  It connects employees with top physicians and medical institutions, in a matter of days, for second opinions and expedited appointments with their provider of choice.  This supplemental healthcare benefit serves the member’s best interest by guiding them through the medical maze and evidence-based treatment options to encourage more informed decisions – addressing a growing need for increased accountability to improve outcomes and eliminate unnecessary healthcare procedures.

“PinnacleCare Connection delivers expedited decision support to help educate patients about their diagnosis and treatment options.  This facilitates more timely and informed decision making,” said Dr. Miles Varn , Chief Medical Officer for PinnacleCare.  “It provides relevant, objective and unbiased information that reassures the patient and family members that the right resources are engaged to support optimal patient outcomes.  Employers can also benefit from fewer unnecessary and invasive medical procedures that pose a burden on employee recovery time and related costs.”

RAND and other researchers report that as much as 28 percent of cancers are misdiagnosed and 30 percent of surgical procedures in the U.S. are unnecessary or inappropriate.  PinnacleCare Connection leverages its strategic provider relationships to schedule appointments with and facilitate access to the world’s leading health experts, either within or outside of the member’s health insurance plan.  PinnacleCare advisors connect patients with these providers to ensure that correct treatment choices are made and appropriate medical care is provided.  Patients and their families report having greater confidence in their decisions and appreciate having someone to navigate them through the process to minimize the risk of unnecessary testing and procedures.

The importance of receiving care from the right medical specialists is supported by a recent study showing that two-thirds of patients with ovarian cancer received inadequate care and missed out on treatments that could add a year or more to their lives.  This was attributed to the fact that doctors and hospitals with limited exposure to the disease may lack expertise in the complex surgery and chemotherapy that can prolong life.  PinnacleCare leverages its long history and experience in health advisory services and its strong relationships with the world’s top physicians and medical institutions to ensure that patients are treated by specialists with the specific expertise necessary for optimal care.

For an employee of CEB, PinnacleCare Connection provided critical assistance during two recent and debilitating medical crises.

“When you get that serious diagnosis, time is of the essence and you feel at such a loss when trying to decide where to turn and who to trust for the best medical care,” said Leslie Cruz .  “My family credits CEB for saving our loved one’s life.  I know that it was our company’s access to the PinnacleCare benefit that guided us through an incredibly confusing and time consuming process.  I felt informed versus having to feel my way through the dark. “

Mic Minneman , Managing Director for Compensation, Benefits and HR Ops at CEB, acknowledges that, “In addition to being the right thing to do, this support for our employees is also a good business decision – eliminating the costs that can result from inappropriate medical care and reducing the time that staff need to spend navigating the medical world so they have more time and energy to focus on their jobs.”

PinnacleCare Connection can be scaled to individual employer and organization preferences and is available as a company-funded benefit or incremental elective for employees.

Terry Wilson , Chief Financial Officer of the Young Presidents Organization, notes that, “PinnacleCare is one of the highest rated benefits we offer.  The success stories we hear from our members confirm our decision to provide PinnacleCare as a member benefit.  As a result of this success,” he continues, “this benefit is now being extended to the organizations that they lead.”

As the population ages and the impact of healthcare reform continues to be felt, navigating the medical landscape is only getting more complex for employers and patients.  There will be an even greater need for healthcare advisory services in the coming years as patient choices grow more complex and access to appropriate clinicians becomes increasingly difficult.

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About PinnacleCare

PinnacleCare, the premier health advisory firm since 2001, connects individuals to the world’s most advanced healthcare and provides access to top physicians for customized advice on their unique medical issues – avoiding unnecessary care and minimizing the risks in today’s healthcare system. PinnacleCare offers 24/7 health advisory services for individuals and their families, as well as benefit offerings through employers and large organizations. Advisors coordinate with patients and healthcare providers to facilitate second opinions and confirmation of diagnoses, collection and digitization of medical records, evidence-based research and treatment options, virtual consultations, and facilitated appointments. PinnacleCare is a trusted health advisor for a broad range of healthcare needs — from disease prevention and wellness management to medical decision support and treatment in times of emergency, injury or illness. For more information, visit

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