INNOVATION in BUSINESS: Nurse Practitioner in Manhattan, Open Letter To CMT, DPC and Concierge Physician

By Raymond Zakhari, EdM, MS, ANP-BC, FNP

JUNE 19, 2013 — When I started my private practice I did it with the intent of reducing the hassles associated with health care namely the endless paperwork, extensive on hold wait times, and exorbitant overhead costs. I am now able to provide the patients what they want: face time with me, direct access by phone, text, secure messaging, web camera visits when they need it.

raymond zakhariI too negotiate for imaging and lab services and help them negotiate as well. Patients tell me that my primary care services are predictable and can be planned for, what they use their insurance for is the major illness or injuries where they are vulnerable and unable to negotiate. They also appreciate the fact that since they have established a relationship with me that when they do become vulnerable they can call or text me to help coach them as they are navigating a complicated health system.

Direct access empowers patients to ask questions, and clarify what they do not understand. it also challenges me to make sure that what I am doing is really in their best interest rather than a dictate from an insurance company or other admin person. The downside is that I am constantly having to market and recruit for the practice, because my name is not in book/ directory that is handed out as a referral guide. Also, most referrals are made based on who is in network, etc.


Raymond Zakhari, EdM, MS, ANP-BC, FNP

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