FOLDVARY: Direct-Paid Medical Services

By Fred E. Foldvary, Senior Editor
Source: Progress Report

24 June 2013 – Direct-paid doctors provide medical services to customers in exchange for payments by the patients rather than by insurance companies or governments. Various forms of direct payments include a fee per visit or treatment, a periodic payment, and a retainer. An example of a direct-paid medical service that has shrugged off the middle-man is “Atlas MD” in Wichita, Kansas.

Physicians and dentists who provide full patient-paid services are also called “concierge doctors.” Some such doctors also accept insurance payments, providing services beyond those covered. Americans also go abroad to in effect import direct-care that is quicker or better than restricted domestic services.

Since direct-paid doctors avoid time-consuming insurance forms and government requirements, they are less costly than conventional medical care while providing a more thorough service, as the directly paid doctors spend more time with the patients and engage in “whole patient” health services including preventive care such as advice on nutrition and exercise. Many direct-care medical services provide continuous “health care” rather than just treating instances of disease and injury.


Source: http://www.progress.org/2013/fold826.htm

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  1. Excellent article. Please take a look at the article I just wrote similarly in the July 2013 issue of Active Over 50 that seems to be sending a similar message. Thumbs up to all your efforts.

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