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AAPS: Message from AAPS President, Juliette Madrigal-Dersch, MD

Message from AAPS President, Juliette Madrigal-Dersch, MD
June 10, 2013 – If you want a say in the way politics impacts your practice and your professional livelihood, the AAPS represent the best investment in time and money you can make.

Right now doctors are under attack from many different fronts. Our freedoms and liberties are being whittled away and restrictions are being put upon doctors from those outside of medicine as we struggle to care for our patients. Now is the time to put control of medicine back in the hands of patients and their physicians.

These outside entities not only influence your medical decision making, they attempt to justify their behavior with false moralities under names like: Patient Privacy, Practice Improvement Module, Meaningful Use, Quality Improvement Initiative, Best Practice, Peer Review, Maintenance of Certification and Maintenance of License. AAPS is the only organization that calls out oppression and abuse and stands by doctors on important issues like these.


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