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HealthTech VCs: Invest Here If You Want to Fix Healthcare

My Forbes colleague, Dr. David Shaywitz, captured the essence of three prominent Silicon Valley investors in his recent post.

“Every interaction in every area related to health is just so sh*tty,” explains Chamath Palihapitiya, a former Facebook FB +0.82%  executive and founder of the VC firm Social+Capital Partnership. “The software is crap, the services are crap…”

Shaywitz has done a good job of capturing how a forward-looking doctor looks at Palihapitiya as well as other provocative VCs such as Bob Kocher and Vinod Khosla. While I might choose my words differently, I have a natural affinity for Palihapitiya’s, Kocher’s and Khosla’s desire for disruption as my Twitter profile states: “Powering the disruptive innovators reinventing healthcare & slaying the healthcare cost beast in the process.” There are countless entrepreneurs creating/deploying new health and wellness models that could use financial support to get off the ground.  The leaders of the new care delivery models such as CareMore, HealthCare Partners, Iora Health, Qliance who’ve demonstrated eye-popping results understand that incumbent health systems are spending billions to prepare for the last battle.  While the incumbent health systems labor over epic deployments designed for a mainframe model of healthcare, the new models are able to deploy modern, cloud-based systems at a tiny fraction of the cost and time. It’s great news HealthIT is terrible and expensive for a startup that enables new care models. A company like mine wants to be the Levis of the Gold Rush. Or to use a modern example, be similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS) where we make it dramatically cheaper to launch a new care delivery model. We’re all-in on Healthcare’s Trillion Dollar Disruption.


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