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Does Access Improve Outcome?

By OnSite Clinics Editor

MAY 8, 2013 – One of the reasons frequently given for starting an on-site clinic these days is access.  Employees complain that they just can’t find adequate primary care services.   And, it’s true, there does seem to be a shortage of family and internal medicine physicians these days (to say nothing of peds and ob/gyns).  If not a shortage, then certainly a problem with distribution.

Now, we have the Affordable Care Act expanding coverage to all of us; this should, hopefully, improve outcomes – right?  Since more people will have insurance?  Well, think again.  A study was done in Oregon (the perfect place,   home of rationing medical care) and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, regarding the change in status of those who had been put on Medicaid during 2008 (through a lottery system) and those who weren’t covered.


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