BLOG: Home Health Care and Concierge Medicine: A REAL LIFE EXAMPLE

By Dr. Brian Nadolne

My great-uncle who lives in West Palm called me a few weeks ago and was having rectal bleeding.  He was taken to the hospital, found to have diverticulitis, and felt terrible. Without going into the entire medical history, he felt that this was the end, that he was in pain, that he did not feel well, and that he could not go on.

I flew down to West Palm and worked with him, coordinated his care with home health, the doctors, the doctors and the doctor’s nurses.  I worked with him, teaching him how to ambulate with his oxygen and tubes sticking out of every part of his body. I then helped review exercises and physically helped him perform the exercises. I then arranged and reviewed some other problems concerning mediciation administration, coordinating with my Gastroenterologist and Urologist back in Atlanta to be sure we were taking the right steps to insure my Uncle’s success.


Source: http://doctornadolne.com/2013/05/home-health-care-and-concierge-medicine-a-real-life-example/

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