Paladina Health Leader Jami Doucette to Present at World Congress On-Site Clinics Conference

Paladina Health Leader Jami Doucette to Present at World Congress On-Site Clinics Conference

Doucette discusses financial and health benefits of employer-sponsored on-site healthcare clinics

DENVER, Colorado (July 18, 2013) – Health care service firm, Paladina Health, announced today that Jami Doucette, chief development officer of Paladina Health, will present at the World Congress On-Site Employee Health & Wellness Clinics Conference July 24-26 in Chicago at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Chicago Metro.

Co-presenting with Doucette will be Michael D. Farrell, Chief Executive Officer of Sentry Equipment Corp., which has experienced positive financial and operational benefits from its on-site clinic, as well as one of Paladina Health’s concierge physicians, Mark Niedfeldt, M.D. The presentation, titled “Taking On-Site Clinics Out of the Box: A New Model for Improving Employee Health and Lowering Costs,” will educate attendees on the structure and benefits of a new style of on-site medical clinics for businesses and their employees.

In addition to on-site clinics, the Paladina Health model includes “near-site clinics,” located in employees’ neighborhoods.  It also features around-the-clock employee access to physicians through phone, email or house-calls.

“We’ve adapted a model that is beneficial for physicians, employers and a company’s employees and families. It helps keep employees healthy, thus reducing absenteeism, without increasing physicians’ appointments and procedure volume,” said Doucette. “It delivers cost savings and increased employee satisfaction that’s far beyond the traditional on-site clinic model.”

Doucette will present during the On-Site Clinics Conference on Thursday, July 25, from 2:45 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Paladina Health will also be sponsoring the “Networking Break,” which will be held in the Executive Networking Lounge from 3:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Visit with Jami and other members of the Paladina Health leadership team to discuss implementing an on-site, or near-site clinic in your office.

The purpose of the World Congress On-Site Employee Health & Wellness Clinics Conference is to maximize the on-site medical clinic’s role in the future of the health care environment. It combines health care professionals, industry experts and thought leaders dedicated to improving the health, productivity and engagement of employees through the on-site health and wellness clinic. Attendees will hear from top innovators in employee health and wellness who are bending the cost curve to deliver integrated care to employees with reduced productivity loss.

About Paladina Health

Paladina Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DaVita Healthcare Partners, provides an innovative way to deliver higher-quality, more convenient and lower-cost healthcare to patients through an employer-based medical home environment. With appropriately aligned incentives, 24/7 access to their personal physician’s cell phone, on-site clinics, near-site clinics and house calls, employees and dependents have incredibly convenient access to a broad spectrum of care and an insanely great patient experience.


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