TEXAS: Forget Obamacare, doctors offer creative options (Video)


JULY 15, 2013 – Politicians live under the delusion that if they can write enough “laws” people will simply do what they’re told.

The reality is that people will find inventive ways to defeat authoritarian dictates and come up with something better; maybe legal, semi-legal, illegal, but better.

That’s the case with medical care in America.

Carol and Pete, a Denton couple, have resorted to medical tourism as a way to overcome the high cost of American medical care.

But they’re patients. Doctors themselves have been innovating as well.

Many are using the concierge medicine concept for the super rich à la the USA Network’s TV show “Royal Pains” except it’s being re-modeled as concierge service for everyone; poor, working class, middleclass.

Atlas MD in Wichita, Kansas is a subscription-for-medical care operation. They charge $50 a month for unlimited visits, offer free EKGs and biopsies and cut rate prices on prescription drugs.

The concierge doctor may be the way into the future and the way out of Obamacare and other socialized medical nightmares.

Atlas MD’s two physicians, Josh Umbehr and Doug Nunamaker, who claim they were inspired by “Atlas Shrugged,” can afford to do this because they, like almost all other neo-concierge operations, don’t accept insurance and therefore don’t have the administrative costs of filing insurance forms or charging what big insurance companies dictate.

A Portland, Maine Doctor stopped accepting all insurance, posted his rates online, cut his rates in half, and expects his income to increase, not decrease.

Dr. Samir Qamar of MedLion in Las Vegas does much the same but also plans to use telemedicine – emailing, videoconferencing and phone calls with patients – to make care more convenient and cut down on unnecessary office visits.



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