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OP/ED: Is this the right time for me to invest in concierge medical care?

Is this the right time for me to invest in concierge medical care?

Many believe one of the flaws of the previous healthcare system was that healthy individuals did not purchase health insurance. When a health crisis arose, they were uncovered and unable to afford the medical bills that came with treating a catastrophic illness or injury.

In other cases, healthier individuals opted for less coverage. This meant they were covered in emergency situations, but because they were healthy, they saw no need to pay an insurance premium that covered basic office visits. Under the Affordable Care Act, both groups of currently healthy individuals will be forced to enroll. Many will have the option of paying for concierge care to avoid subpar care, but if they were unconcerned about basic medical coverage prior to the ACA, there is likely no reason they would want to pay a few hundred dollars a year now for access to higher quality care.

Unfortunately for some, this means they will be shut out of the system in the long run. The number of physicians offering access to concierge care is finite, so spots could be limited as more and more people realize this is the best option they have for receiving the medical attention they want. Those choosing to wait several years because they are currently healthy might have no option in the future but to settle for whatever medical access is available.

How do you know if concierge medical care is right for you? It is a very personal decision and there are several things to consider. Many believe the concierge option is the solution to the coming physician shortage. If you are concerned that you might one day have limited access to medical treatment, now is the time to determine if the concierge option is right for you.


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