OP/ED: What Concierge Medicine Can Learn from Plastic Surgeons

JULY 31, 2013 – … When you start accepting only cash, foregoing insurance and offering a concierge experience, the doctor’s practice changes fundamentally. And I bet most of those doctors that embark on this journey are surprised by some of those changes. In a recent article on the Medscape site,  Cash-Only Practice: What You Need to Do to Succeed, several of the pitfalls are revealed. Helen Hadley, Founder and CEO of VantagePoint Healthcare Advisors in Hamden, Connecticut, which has concierge physicians as clients, and who is a patient of a concierge medicine practice herself, points out these pitfalls for the unsuspecting doctor.

“Some physicians don’t realize that there is a high level of customer service that they’re going to have to market to their patients,” she says. “Not just that you’re going to give them your cellphone number. I want something extra. When I call, I want to be put through. When I walk in, I do not want to sit for 10 minutes. From a customer service perspective, some concierge physicians may not realize that they have a little more work to do in that area.”


Source: http://www.buildmybod.com/blog/concierge-medicine-plastic-surgeons/

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