ALABAMA: Patients paying yearly membership fee for elite healthcare

By Sarah Navoy

HUNTSVILLE, AL | August 5, 2013 (WAFF) – It’s not a new idea, but it’s becoming more popular in North Alabama – concierge medicine. It could be considered a luxury service.

Patients pay an annual fee for benefits like not sitting in a waiting room or unlimited access.

The annual cost usually works out to about $5 a day or nearly $2,000 a year. Having insurance is not required, but still recommended for emergencies or higher cost procedures like surgery.

Proponents of concierge medicine say it’s a great option for people with a busy lifestyle or for those who have bigger medical needs. Fans of the practice also believe it allows for a better, more personal relationship with your doctor.

Those who are not fans of the practice say it’s a waste of money for the patient.



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