EDUCATION: 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Your Next Primary Care Or Family Doctor

  1. Is eight minutes enough time for your doctor to collect 25 years of family history? 

    How much time is this doctor able to spend getting to know you? Ask. Don’t assume. Most doctors are busy and they have huge waiting rooms full of people that they need to treat. If you visit your doctor for an average of 8 minutes per visit and schedule a visit 6 times per year, you’ve spent less than 60 minutes with your doctor throughout an entire year! Is that really enough time for your doctor to get to know you and make a good assessment of your health risks based on your current condition and family history?

    According to the Center for
    Studying Health System Change’s Community Tracking Study,
    76.3% of Primary Care Physicians Surveyed DID NOT STRONGLY AGREE
    that they had adequate time to spend with their patient(s) during a typical office visit.

  2. Does your doctor have to look at your chart to remember your name? 

    Enough said. You get the point here.

  3. How full is the waiting room? 

    Don’t select them because they appear to attract a lot of patients. Just because the waiting room and parking lot is full, doesn’t mean you’ve found the best doctor. In today’s day and age of insurance, doctors join hundreds of insurance plans in order to get their practice listed in more directories. The more directories that the doctor is listed in, the more likely that his/her practice is going to be full of patients that know nothing about him. As you are probably aware, these directories tell you nothing about the doctor, his medical background, patient testimonials, wait-time, etc.

  4. Does your doctor’s office have two waiting rooms? 

    The answer you are looking for here is either two (2) or none. Just a few days ago, I visited my dermatologist’s office. He separated his practice as soon as I walked in by asking patient to go right or left. Right was for ‘cash only’ patients and the left was for ‘Insurance Patients’.Do you want to know the difference between the ‘Cash Only’ waiting room and the ‘Insurance’ side? Let me tell you, there was a big difference. As a cash paying patient, the waiting room was turned into a lobby, there were refreshments, fresh coffee, cold juice, a flat screen tv playing the latest news and more. People were happy.

    On the insurance side, there were frowns, ugly furniture, old paint and nine people waiting. Although I think this is an exception – you get the point.

    The next time I’m looking for a doctor, I’m not going to look in a directory. I’m going to look for a color photo, a well-written profile, some details about the doctor I’m seeing, hopefully find some positive and refreshing patient testimonials and have the attitude of anticipation and excitement.

How To Locate A Concierge Doctor or Direct Pay Physician

Until recently, people mostly based choosing a doctor on the personal recommendation of a trusted friend or relative. Now with the advent of social media, word of mouth marketing is changing from a spoken word referral to a social media link referral. To find a concierge medicine or direct care doctor near you, Concierge Medicine Today has created an iTunes and Android App, Concierge Doc, a free App and search engine resource to find and learn about concierge medicine and direct primary care in your area available at

If you’d like to find a medical home, concierge physician or direct primary care and direct pay physician in your area or simply learn more about them, you will want to visit or If you are unable to locate one using these national directories, we recommend you call Concierge Medicine Today at 770-455-1650 and a representative will be happy to help you.

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