BOSTON: The concierge doctor is in

By Alex Beam

AUGUST 8, 2013 – For many years, Dr. Edward Legare was my primary care physician. My wife chose him for me. “He served in the military; you’ll like him.” She was right. I liked the citation from the Army’s Tenth Mountain Division on his wall, and I liked his succinct dietary advice — “Eat less fat” — which I assiduously ignored.

After some soul-searching, Legare decided to join a high-end “concierge” practice a few years ago, and asked his patients to pay an extra $1,500 for his services.

I declined.

His group practice shunted me to another talented young internist, Dr. Eric Serrano. Then — poof! He’s gone concierge, too. He wants $1,800 a year, he explains in a letter, “to ensure we have unhurried time together whenever you need me, and you continue to receive the individual attention and services you deserve.”



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