FLORIDA: (VIDEO) Doctor speaks out about Affordable Care Act

Updated: Thursday, August 8 2013, 10:57 PM CDT
Click_to_watch_video_IKON2Dr. Ben Carson, the renowned pediatric neurosurgeon who recently retired from Johns Hopkins, has been an outspoken critic of the Affordable Care Act from the beginning. What is the impact now, on doctors? Carson said, “It means a new horror every month, basically as we find out more and more things that are required of us.” Requirements, like more documentation…In order for doctors to get paid, and loopholes… That could leave doctors holding the bag. For example, if patients in state health insurance exchanges fail to pay their premiums. The patient gets a three month grace period. But insurers are only responsible for paying one month’s worth of bills. Carson said, “Those are going to be the things that make medicine considerably less desirable. Unless it’s addressed you’re going to have a lot of people getting out of the profession.” In fact, recent numbers show…. that more than 9,000 doctors opted out of Medicare participation in 2012. That number tripling since 2009. Many factors contributing to a projected shortage of doctors and the emergence of concierge practices, where doctors take on a smaller number of patients who pay out of pocket thousands of dollars a year. Jennifer said, “People who can afford it are doing to pay a concierge doctor, and those who can’t are going to be left in another system.” Carson said, “Exactly and the ones who are in the other system even though they’re good doctors they’re so overwhelmed that they’re not going to be able to pay the kind of attention and you’re going to have progressively longer waits.” But Dr. Carson sees hope, that reform will fail. Jennifer: Do you think the affordable care act will collapse? Carson: Oh absolutely. There’s no way it’s sustainable.

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