Inside-Your-Practice: Docs Need to Get Up to Speed, Social Media Advocate Says

By Kristina Fiore, Staff Writer, MedPage Today

Slide13AUGUST 15, 2013 – Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD, is counting on old media to convince more clinicians about the value of new media.

The clinical genomics specialist has just published a handbook on social media in clinical practice — and he hopes it will bring late adopters up to speed with their social-media-savvy colleagues, and even with some of their electronically empowered patients.

While “expert” patients voraciously pursue credible medical information and communities online, clinicians “usually lag behind,” Mesko, who is based in Budapest, said in an email exchange with MedPage Today. Instead of disdaining this kind of behavior, doctors need to see themselves as a gatekeeper of vetted online information and activities, he said.

One of the earliest clinician voices on social media, Mesko has been attempting to make that gatekeeper role easier as the founder of, a clearinghouse of sorts for digital and social media resources. He’s also a self-described “medical futurist” who blogs at

Mesko answered some questions about the book, “Social Media in Clinical Practice,” and about online engagement via email. An edited version of that conversation follows.



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