CALIFORNIA: Team-Based Concierge Medicine Model Integrates Dietitians

By Shani Verchick, Registered Dietician

AUGUST 14, 2013 – A registered dietitian has an important role to play in health planning, because diet is the foundation of health. Proper nutrition is essential to physical and mental health. A daily diet tailor-made to the individual and his specific health conditions and nutritional needs can have a powerful impact on overall well-being. In recent years, clinical testing and scientific research have shown nutrition to have a vital role in protecting against disease, promoting optimum cognitive functioning, and slowing the aging process. Unfortunately, many people today are a bit too casual when it comes to dietary planning, often falling far short of their daily nutritional requirements. Numerous chronic health conditions can often be avoided by attention to dietary planning, reducing health costs over the long-term as well as enhancing overall quality of life. Consulting with a registered dietician (Santa Monica Office) is a smart health decision. The concierge medical care setting allows multiple specialists to work together towards a customized health care strategy. This type of planning …



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  1. I find that one of the biggest things in practice management is the training of the support staff. Diet Plans, beyond the initial MD visit, an EXPERT on that program is needed. Same is true for any support staff of the office. Other doctors, NP’s & or PA’s all have to have protocols in place. That makes every Concierge Program sing on the customer service front. Isn’t that why patients want it and Doctors want to provide it as well ?

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