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7 technologies that are helping families watch over their seniors.

Seniors and technology—two words not often linked together without a pang of frustration. But family caregivers know differently. In fact, research shows the important role that technology plays in senior care. Learn about the latest technology trends for family caregivers and some made-to-order tools (translation: ready-to-go, right out of the box) that seniors can use to stay in touch with loved ones.

Jul 22, 2013 by Jennifer Wegerer

Caregivers-and-Technology-Infographic-NewAccording to Pew, approximately 72% of caregivers gather health information online, and 52% participate in online social activity related to health. Just under half go online to learn a diagnosis.

In addition to searching for information on medical problems, treatments and drugs, many go online to read about the personal experiences others have had with certain health conditions—as a way to understand more about their loved one’s health or even a condition they’re dealing with themselves.

With 75% of seniors age 65 and over living with a chronic health condition, including heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, family caregivers have learned how to navigate the online resources available.

But what other forms of technology are caregivers using? And how do seniors benefit from the latest technology?

Trends in Caregiving Technology

According to AARP, family caregivers have taken advantage of a number of technological trends beyond the Internet. Here are some of the latest and greatest that AARP recommends:



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