Inside A Practice

MEDAMAI, Calif: Concierge Medicine, The Ideal Environment for Effective Management of Endocrine Disorders.

By Dr Joseph J. Pinzone

AUGUST 17, 2013 – Patient’s themselves aren’t always able to convey important details gleaned from one professional to another, as time pressures can make detailed discussion between endocrinologist and patient difficult. For these reasons and others, patients who require efficient management of endocrine disorders or other complex health issues can often be better served by concierge medicine, an option that offers a comprehensive, integrated and personalized approach to the management of both chronic health issues and everyday health and wellness. Concierge medicine combines state-of-the-art medical care and coordination with the old-fashioned time and attention, an entirely different experience than the standard 11 minute doctor visit after long waiting room queues. With concierge medicine …



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