PATIENT GUIDE: 50 Questions To Ask A “Concierge” Doctor Before You Sign-Up

By CMT Staff Writer

Updated: APRIL 25, 2016 – The concierge medicine and direct primary care health industry is just like any other industry — it has many success stories, but it also has a few stories of woe. When choosing a concierge doctor, there is an entirely set of new questions that you want to be sure you have answered for you and/or your family.

518V7yUVCoL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Before you sign-up and pay a concierge physician their fee, you should schedule a complimentary meeting with your next concierge doctor to discuss the benefits, services and cost of  their concierge medical practice and use these 41 questions as your guide.

Below is a comprehensive list of the questions we see patients ask their concierge-style and direct pay doctors frequently. Feel free to share this list with those thinking about concierge medical care and email us if you have any additional questions to add or input to our list.

  1. Doctor’s Full Name?
  2. Total years in Practice?
  3. Years in practice as a concierge or direct primary care doctor?
  4. Do you have multiple locations? If so, where?
  5. Do you have a web site? Can I read patient reviews about the doctor and his/her practice? Does it have the Doctor’s bio. on it?
  6. What is your annual fee?
  7. How do I pay the doctor? Do you accept quarterly or monthly fees?
  8. What services are covered by the annual fee?
  9. Do you offer any discounts for couples and/or families that join (if applicable)?
  10. What additional fees are not included in the annual membership fee?
  11. Will I be required to pay even if I do not need to use your services?
  12. What services can I expect to receive directly from your nursing staff or other healthcare professionals at the practice each year during my membership?
  13. Do you accept Insurance? How compatible is your concierge medical practice and services with my health insurance plan?
  14. Do you participate in Medicare? (If applicable)
  15. Do I need insurance to enroll or sign-up?

Got questions?


Email us at or visit or call 770-455-1650.

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