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Written By MyDoc – Personal Physician Services | Robert Nelson, MD | Cumming, Ga

rob nelson mdSEPT 4, 2013 – Think for a minute about your relationship and interaction with your doctor (or doctor’s office).  Specifically, consider such attributes as communication, convenience, reliability, value and accessibility.  Unfortunately, over the past 30 years these core attributes of good service are becoming increasingly rare in mainstream third-party health care.  Even the most routine medical care has become way too complex, bureaucratic, regulated and burdensome.  Wouldn’t you agree?

But for now, let’s find out how those positive attributes listed above, and your expectations, stack up against reality and see how things measure up.

Take a couple minutes to read the questions below and ponder the answers.  Remember, this is your health care we’re talking about here.

  1. Do you have your doctor’s direct email address?
  2. If you have a non-life threatening, but somewhat urgent issue, do you have confidence that you could get ahold of your doctor after hours for advice?
  3. Do you feel you have an open line of communication with your doctor to the extent that you feel comfortable emailing or calling your doctor directly?
  4. Do you have your doctor’s cell phone number in case you have a question or problem that can’t wait?
  5. Considering all the times you may have called your doctor’s office with a medical question, did you usually end up speaking directly to the doctor?
  6. Does your doctor’s office have a 24/7 online virtual office for registration and appointment scheduling?
  7. Does your doctor’s office have an easy online payment method?
  8. Does your doctor’s office post ALL their prices on a website or at their office?
  9. Does your doctor offer you loyalty discounts or promotions as a way of saying “thanks” for being a patient?
  10. If you didn’t have insurance or if your doctor didn’t accept your insurance, would you be able to afford to continue as a patient?
  11. Does your doctor promise that medical insurance, or lack thereof, will never affect treatment decisions or referrals?
  12. Does your doctor promise that you will NEVER receive a bill for more than you pay at the time of services?
  13. Will your doctor engage you via video chat or phone call for appropriate issues in lieu of you having to go in every time you have a problem or question?
  14. Will your doctor actively research a problem or topic for you so you can both learn and maybe prevent a problem from getting worse?
  15. Will your doctor come to see you at YOUR office if you are too busy to come to his or her office?
  16. Does your doctor make house calls?

If most of the answers are “yes”, then you’re fortunate to have a pretty good doctor or practice; and you’re in the minority.

Of the 16 questions, how many did you answer “NO”?  As you read each question, did you find yourself thinking “yes, that would be nice, but it isn’t very realistic”?  What if I told you that not only is it realistic, but doctors that offer such exceptional service and transparency are more common than you think AND, they are AFFORDABLE too!  Is there anyone who wouldn’t want that kind of medical care?  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not if you know where to look and know what questions to ask.  If you’re interested in having a doctor that delivers that kind of service, please give me a call or visit my website and learn more!  If you don’t live in northern Georgia, I can help you find a Direct Care Doctor in your area.

It’s time to rethink and reshape what it means to go to the doctor!  It starts with a direct one-on-one relationship without a middleman messing things up.  We call this kind of care Direct-Pay Primary Care and we are the “oldest new kind of medical practice”.  Back to the future anyone?  Let’s uncomplicate medical care; it’s not brain surgery (well, usually not)!  To learn more visit or email me directly at

Comprehensive Medical Solutions, LLC
562 Lakeland Plaza
Box 349
Cumming, GA 30040

Phone: 770-888-3771


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