DALLAS, TX: A medical practice in Dallas has created a unique advanced physical exam, called the “Diamond 360”, which detects myriad problems that may be present before the patient experiences symptoms.

How Healthy Is Your Cardiovascular System?


“Being proactive in assessing the risk for heart attacks or strokes is far better then the traditional way of discovering problems that have been manifesting over a period of years,” states Dr. James Pinckney II, Diamond Physicians founder and CEO. “Plus, our tired and true methodology is non-invasive and an outstanding value. The Diamond 360 Advanced Physical Exam was designed at a fraction of the cost compared to programs offered by nationally recognized clinics, delivering significant savings to the patient. The level of effectiveness in diagnosing is equally, if not more, effective. We know with certainty that being proactive and analyzing the results of the “Diamond 360” exam is the premiere method to address heart disease before it develops.”

This cutting edge exam is proved to prevent heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. Diamond utilizes a combination of genetic testing (obtained by a cheek swab for DNA), advanced cholesterol molecular testing, arterial inflammation studies, and non-invasive arterial scans. The “Diamond 360” enables the detection of disease years before traditional methods. Using individualized assessments, the physicians formulate custom treatment plans for each client. The Diamond concierge model allows for the long-term management of these issues with extended visits and efficient communication. If no treatment is warranted, patients receive a full refund.

For further information, including Diamond Physicians concierge practice pricing and patient services such as the “Diamond 360 Advanced Physical Exam”, please visit To schedule an appointment, please call (214) 395-3491 or e-mail info(at)diamondphysicians(dot)com. Diamond Physicians is located in Preston Center at 8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 700, Dallas, TX, 75225. Complimentary parking is available in the adjacent parking garage.

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