BUSINESS: When numbers dramatically decrease in your Concierge or Direct Care Practice, how do you fill the void?

Who Fills The Most Important Position in Your Practice?

By CMT Contributing Blogger, Nancy Latady, Latady Physician Strategies

why concierge medicineSEPTEMBER 27, 2013 – In transitioning into a Concierge or Direct Care practice, it’s easy to focus on such obvious necessities as identifying services offered, setting fees, and informing patients of your new practice. At some point however you’ll need to identify who will handle your in-office sales, marketing, and customer service.

This key person will respond quickly to inquiries about membership, arrange for follow-up meetings, sign up patients, and provide exemplary customer service. 

You might have someone in mind who currently handles administrative tasks in your 2000+ patient practice. When those numbers dramatically decrease with the transition to Concierge or Direct Care, it makes sense to have that same person fill their newly available time with sales and marketing activities, right?

Maybe not.

People who consistently perform well at administrative tasks simply may not have the aptitude or interest in sales and marketing – or even customer service! Someone who has established good relationships with insurance representatives while sorting out billing issues may not possess the same skill set required to greet strangers face-to-face and convert them into paying, satisfied clients.  

So how do you figure out what your needs are and who the best person is for the job? 

Let’s consider a pediatrician starting a concierge practice from scratch. She needs someone who loves talking to people and is a natural born “connector”, with established circles of parents and soon-to-be moms in their social network for referral sources.

This person should be able to show a strong sales track record, perhaps even transferring their skills and talents from outside the healthcare industry.
They might have one or more small children of their own so they can relate to parents and pediatricians.
When advertising for this support person, you can quickly weed out those job seekers arbitrarily submitting their résumé by requiring they write a thoughtful cover letter to address:
  1. Why do you think you are a good match for this job?
  2. What about this job most appeals to you?
  3. Tell me about your experience and concerns as a parent within the healthcare system?
  4. How would you describe your multiple-plate-spinning abilities, especially how you keep them in the air?
You’re going to need on-site sales and marketing talent early on to help you grow your practice. The sooner you begin to articulate what those crucial skills are — and start looking for the right fit, the more successful your transition will be.
Latady Physician Strategies helps physicians transition to Concierge and Direct Care medical practices that help them treat their patients the way they want to be treated, while rediscovering their enjoyment in practicing medicine.  Please call or email us if you would like help exploring or transitioning to concierge or direct care medicine.   Phone: 781-275.1415

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