More companies doing health care vouchers. New way to buy health care at work

By Clark Howard,

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DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for BULK DELIVERIES — $9.95 (1-Copy) | $54.95 (10-Pack) | $144.95 (25-Pack)

SEPTEMBER 29, 2013 – Last year, I told you that Sears and Darden Restaurants were giving money to employees and allowing them to shop for their own health care coverage.

The move predated the health care exchanges that will consumer can purchase in October ahead of the coming 2014 changes mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

More and more employers are getting on board with this model ahead of Obamacare. Others doing it now include Buck Consultants, Towers Watson, Tanteo Spirits LLC, and Bob Evans Farms Inc., according to The Wall Street Journal.

So far what I’ve read suggests people are taking their vouchers and choosing the lowest premiums per month. That means they’re taking a chance with out-of -pocket when they do need care.

The idea of putting employees back in control of health care costs is one that came out of a conservative think tank. And I love this idea. It moves us closer to where we need to be with you as the consumer, and all the ramifications that has for controlling health care costs.


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