CONFERENCE Spotlight: Marcela Dominguez, MD: Learning to Be a Good Concierge Doctor

Marcela Dominguez, MD:  Learning to Be a Good Concierge Doctor


Marcela Dominguez, MD, a family physician in Mission Viejo, CA

OCTOBER 7, 2013 – The concierge model is a great option for practitioners seeking more control over their time and their patient care. But it is not a financial cure-all, says Marcela Dominguez, MD, a family physician in Mission Viejo, CA, who started a concierge component in her practice earlier this year.

“I’m enjoying the benefit of more time for my family, and more time to do administrative stuff during the workday rather than after-hours. But it’s not like my financial woes suddenly disappeared.”

According to Holistic Primary Care’s recent survey of 2,000 primary care doctors, roughly one-third are considering major changes in their practice models within the next 2-43 years, and of these one-quarter are looking at concierge options.

Dr. Dominguez, who will share her lessons-learned at this year’s Heal Thy Practice 2013 Conference, says this model is ideal for “any physician who has a full time practice and is looking for a more manageable lifestyle.” But the transition requires careful preparation, a service-first mindset, and a willingness to listen to what patients really want.

“You have to learn how to be a good concierge doc, to manage your time differently. I’m running more on time now than I ever have, but still I’m sometimes 10 or 15 minutes late for a concierge patient. That’s not okay. If I’m not giving them the service they expect, they won’t renew. I’m learning as I go.”


Heal Thy Practice 2013 Faculty Spotlight | October 18-20, 2013 | Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, Long Beach, CA

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