Day: October 8, 2013

WE GET LETTERS … (LA Times) ‘The real blame for concierge medicine lies with failed government policy that allows our health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to continue their feeding frenzy while the rest of us struggle to stay above water.’

Letters: Concierge care is just a Band-Aid September 26, 2013 Re “Full access to a medical specialist? It’ll cost you,” Column, Sept. 24 David Lazarus misses the target. The medical marketplace is […]

FLORIDA: “It’s $145 a month. Many can afford that by adjusting their budgets, eating out less,” said Mercer. “I have a former Wal-Mart employee as a patient. She just decides to make it a priority. She’s been with me 23 years.”

Concierge medicine offers swift access — for a price Dr. Delicia M. Haynes, seen here recently in her office, is the owner of Family First Health Center in Daytona Beach. Haynes’ practice […]